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Stephen Knudsen


Cell: (912) 398-8394




1992            Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia,

                      Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Painting


1985            Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington,

                      Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Biology, With Honors, Minor, Fine Arts






1980-1989 Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri

                      Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

                      St. Louis Community College, St. Louis, Missouri

                      Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois

                      Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington,



                      Completed twenty-five courses in Fine Art Studio, Art History, and    

                      Education Psychology






1993- to present    Full Professor of Painting, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia

                                      (Expertise in teaching 12 different courses- undergraduate/graduate levels - art theory, painting,  design, drawing)


1989-2007                Crew (Rowing) Coach, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia


1992-1993                 Full Professor of Foundations, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia


1986-1990                 Instructor, Metro Christian High School, St. Louis, Missouri

                                      Subjects taught: Fine Art, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy / Physiology


1985, 1986, 1995     Participated in building projects for destitute children in India and Haiti


Art Critic/Editor:


2011- to present      Contributing Editor ARTPULSE Magazine /Glossy Print Quarterly



 “The Poetic Grit of a Landscape Painter and an Outspoken Critic/ Lois Dodd and Robert Hughes”, Hyperallergic, Nov.2012

 “Beyond Postmodernism/ Putting a Face on Metamodernism Without the Easy Clichés”, Winter 2013 ARTPULSE Magazine(on-line and in glossy print) 

“Is Representational Painting Ready to Take on Metamodernism without Cliché”, The TRAC 2012 Anthology text

“Robert Hughes/ Death of A Legendary Art Critic”, Fall 2012 ARTPULSE magazine

Paintings of Home / Bo Bartlett”, 2012 SECAC Review journal (annual glossy print academic journal) 

Message to Our Folks/ Rashid Johnson”, Fall 2012 ARTPULSE magazinePaintings of Home / Bo Bartlett”, 2012 SECAC Review journal

“Piano in The Rain/Dana Schutz”, Fall 2012 ARTPULSE magazine

Angela Strassheim Interview” Summer 2012 ARTPULSE Magazine (on-line and in print) Link:

Interview: “Greg Eltringham and Matt Blackwell's Triangle Arts exhibit”, New York ARTS Magazine Link:

“Surveys from the Cape” Jane Alexander's Exhibition at the SCAD Museum of ART, Summer 2012 ARTPULSE Magazine

“Neo Rauch at David Zwirner”, Art Pulse Magazine spring 2012

“Matt Blackwell at Eduard Thorpe”, New York Arts Magazine March 2012 (Print and on-line)


“Inside the Residency Program at Skowhegan/Interview of Dean Craig Drennen”, Professional Artist Magazine, March 2012

“Linda Warren Projects Gallery interview” Chicago Arts Magazine, January 2012

“Corbett vs. Dempsey Interview ” Chicago Arts Magazine, January 2012


“Alfredo Jarr” SCAD Museum of ART PULSE Magazine spring 2012


“Eija-Liisa Ahtila” Professional Artist Magazine October 2011


Eija-Liisa Ahtila” Fall 2011 ART PULSE Magazine spring 2011


“Eija-Liisa Ahtila” ArtScope (Chicago’s visual Arts Magazine), October 2011


“Push Pull/Examining the Intensity of Betsy

Cain’s Paintings”, Professional Artist Magazine April 2012.


Characterizing Space With Color, Professional Artist Magazine, April 2011


 “Understanding the Power of Geometric Abstraction” Professional Artist Magazine, November 2011


“Anelecia Hannah and Bo Bartlett / Studying With a Maestro” Professional Artist Magazine, November 2011.


“Munch vs Krog” The Visceral Response, August 2011


“Munch vs. Van Gogh/ Inner Anxiety Made Visible”, August 2011


“Munch vs. Frith/The Modern Crowd ”, August 2011


“Michael Scoggins / Drawing Attention To His Art”, Professional Artist Magazine December, 2010


 “Practical Aesthetics /Part one”,Art Calendar Magazine, October 2010


“Practical Aesthetics /Part Two”, Art Calendar Magazine, October 2010


“ Henri Matisse vs. Ingres /The Classical tradition” Fall 2010, co-developed with Morgan Falconer


“ Henri Matisse vs. Carracci /Decoration” Fall 2010, co-developed with Morgan Falconer


“Courbet vs. David/ Ceremonial in Monumental Scale”, Fall 2010,, co -developed with Morgan Falconer


Courbet vs. David/ Composition”, Fall 2010,, co -developed with Morgan Falconer


“ Courbet, vs. Bouguereau/The Body”, Fall 2010,, co -developed with Morgan Falcon


“ Courbet, vs. David/The Fantastical and The Real: Three Essays”, Fall 2010,, co -developed with Morgan Falconer


“Rothko vs. Friedrich/Contemplation of the Void,”, Fall 2010,, co -developed with Morgan Falconer


“Rothko vs. Mondrian/Abstraction and Spirituality”, Fall 2010,, co -developed with Morgan Falconer


“Rothko, vs. Titian/Color and Spirituality”, Fall 2010,, co -developed with Morgan Falconer


“Indirect Painting: What We can Learn From Jan Van Eyck Today”, Art Calendar Magazine, April 2010


 “The Fourth Dimension Of Color and the Knudsen Dual Color Wheel ”, Art Calendar Magazine, March 2010


“Courbet’s Realism”, 2010


“Student Made Textbooks”: How to Boost Learning and Enthusiasm in the Classroom

Art Calendar Magazine, September 2009


Graduate level e-learning courses authored:


Advanced Studio Analysis :  This is a   course on developing and writing a thesis. (ten essays/units) Savannah College of Art and Design, 2011


Narrative Painting (ten essays/units)

SCAD eLearning, Savannah College of Art and Design, 2008




 2010- present - Helped develop the website,, with historical, comparative, and critical analysis of Modern Art. The site also includes up to date reviews and locations of traveling museum exhibitions featuring Modern Art.


CONFERENCE LECTURES (Papers delivered):


Is Representational Painting ready to take on Metamodernism without Cliché? /The Painting of Bo Bartlett TRAC

Conference, October 2012 ,Ventura, CA.


The Knudsen Dual Color Wheel, AEF Conference 2011, Savannah, GA.


The Fourth Dimension of Color and the Dual Wheel, SECAC Conference 2011, Savannah, GA.


Taxonomy of Critique SCAD Museum of ART, TADTAD lecture March 2012


Practical Aesthetics For The 21st Century, SECAC Conference 2010, Richmond, VA.





2011        Seven Days, Invitational Venue, Tampa, Fl.

2011        Form and Context Two, Savannah ASA H Gordon Gallery Savannah, GA

2011        Form and Context One, Highpoint, NC


2010         Why Go Anywhere Else? Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro,    

                  Petrovic Castle, Podgorica, Montenegro

2010         Why Go Anywhere Else? Modern Gallery Budva, Montenegro,

2010         Why Go Anywhere Else? Gallery Josip Bepo Benkovic Herceg Novi, Serbia

2010         Why Go Anywhere Else?  Kod Homena Gallery Kotor, Serbia

2010         Why Go Anywhere Else? Vojvodina Contemporary Art Museum, Novi Sad, Serbia

2009          deFine Art, River Gallery, Savannah , GA.

2005          This Gift, Red Gallery, Savannah, GA.

2003          Decade—A Retrospective Stephen Knudsen, Bergen Gallery, Savannah, GA

2000          Selected Works, Broome Gallery, New York, New York

1997          Fruits from the Garden of Savannah, The New Century Gallery, Jian Cultural Center, Shanghai, China

1997          Fruits from the Garden of Good and Evil, LKF Gallery, Hong Kong, China

1996          Fruits from the Garden of Good and Evil, Olympic Celebration Exhibition,  New Vision Space, Tula Arts Center,   Atlanta, GA 

1996          Fruits from the Garden of Good and Evil, The Gallery in Cork Street, London

1994          Dreams and Visions, Exhibition A Gallery, Savannah, Georgia

1993          Deepening Concerns and New Impulses, Amerika Haus Cologne, Germany

1992          The Transfigured, University of Georgia Marine Extension Service, Aquarium Gallery, Savannah, Georgia





 2012             Received stipend to work as a panel judge for The Arkansas Council of the ARTs (NEA funded)

2003              Recipient of Presidential Art Fellowship, Savannah College of Art and Design

2002              Nominated as the national C.A.S.E. foundation teacher of the year. Nominated by Dean (SCAD)

1992              National Dean's List

1992              Propes Graduate Scholarship

1991              Propes Graduate Scholarship


NY Galleries Internship Liaison, SCAD :  2010-2012 Helped students to get high profile internships  at galleries such as The Marian Goodman Gallery, NY NY

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